Feast for the gourmet


Bison meat is very tasty and has a somewhat wild personality. you will appreciate it in any way: prepared like game meat, roasted, pan fried or grilled.
You will prefer pinkish, or even rare bison meat.
The stewed bison will be slightly marinated in a ripe wine.


The fine taste of bison meat only needs some salt and pepper.


All vegetables, either the simplest or rarest, can blend with varied dressings.
Acording to the season and your taste you will choose wild mushrooms, braised chicories, baked tomatoes, broccoli ... the delicacy of the meat can also be emphasized by fresh figs, apples, pears or bilberries.
Ared wine or light cream saice will harmonize with your side of bison delightfully.


As wine is a question of taste, you will take the one you like most. Your meal must be a moment of pleasure.
Ideally you will choose a red wine like Bordeaux (Hauts-Médoc, Margaus, Saint-julien, Sint-Emilion ...), Bourgogne (Beaune, Monthelie, Morgon ...). you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by regional and less renowned wines.


gourmetBon appétit !